Refining material surfaces, shaping the way of living


Grinding is a process done to refine the surface of the material. It is an abrasive machining process that uses a wheel called grinding wheel as the cutting tool. A grinding machine which is handheld, compact and uses mechanical power may be termed as grinder specifically.

There are different types of grinding processes performed every day some of them are surface grinding, cylindrical grinding, centers grinding, internal grinding, and special grinding processes, crossfeed grinding processed. All these processes require different kind of grinders based on the material of the surface sometimes material density and sometimes substance roughness.

The grinder mainly consists of a bed with a chuck to hold and guide the workpiece; this machine is then powered by an electric motor which provides the required cutting speed. The main function of a grinder is to remove material from the surface of a workpiece by abrasion. This process generally produces a lot of heat thus in order to keep the machine tool and workpiece cool coolant is provided to avoid overheating resulting in machining going out of tolerance limit.

Types of grinders:

Belt grinders: belt grinders are used in the case when work is to be done on a metal piece. Use of coated abrasives is normal in case of belt grinding. Belt grinding is used in a various smoothening range of items; its main applications are finishing, deburring and stock removal.

Bench grinders: bench grinders usually consists of two wheels of different grain size for roughing and finishing objects. It’s mainly used to shape tools or repair blades of tools. As it requires constant attention, it is manually operated.

Surface grinder: the surface grinding machine normally work on n horizontal axis. I.e., the grinding wheel rotates on a horizontal axis .surface grinders are used to remove a large amount of material and grind flat surfaces with noted spiral grind marks. Sharpening and making of metal stamping die sets. Surface grinders may be manually operated or have CNC controls.

Tool cutter: These types of grinder are usually used to grind drill bit or specialist drill bit grinding.

Gear grinder: in case of manufacturing high precision gears final machining process is done on a gear grinder.

Buying grinders:

In case of buying grinders, one has to be sure of the kind of process he is going to use the grinder for as seen above different grinding process are done on different grinding machines. One has to be sure that to buy cheap grinder one cannot compromise on the quality of the product. He has to check whether the product is certified what the power of motor applied, whether he requires a portable or a fixed grinder is. Is the grinder fan cooled or water cooled warranty provided. And overall it should perform all the required jobs one requires it to perform.

It is always best buy grinders after checking it on various platforms online and offline. It would enable him to have a look at different prices at which it is available different brands which provide the same kind of grinding machines. He gets an added functionality over his required functions from other brands sometimes at a cheaper rate.


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