What Conditions Can Make You Eligible For PPI Claim Back?


You can now take the advantage to claim back PPI if you have become a victim of PPI mis-selling while taking loan, store card or credit cards.  Payment protection insurance is needed by those fellows who tumble in making timely repayments of loans or credit card payouts but if you are not like them then there is no need of this insurance at all. But still, if any agent sells you the insurance then you can reclaim the premiums.

What to know about reclaiming PPI?

It is very important to know about the facts associated with PPI and then only the reclaim procedure can be initiated. Ask yourself that whether you are eligible for the insurance or not. If you are not then you have the full right to reclaim premiums. Taking PPI is completely optional and thus no mandatory rule applies out here.

If you think that you might face difficulty in making future repayments in parts then you can obviously take it. If you have been mis-sold then you have to learn about the procedure to claim back PPI premiums paid in past on this specific insurance. You have to learn about the different eligibility criteria under which reclaiming PPI is possible.

Eligibility for reclaiming PPI:

  • In case your PPI term is much shorter than that of your loan term but you were not being informed about this fact by the agent then you can definitely ask for a reclaim.
  • If your age was much above than specified upper age limit of the policy then you should definitely go for a reclaim as the insurance will be of no use to you.
  • There are few circumstances or exclusions under which you cannot claim compensation then reclaiming premiums is the only possible way out.
  • Compulsion of taking PPI is absolutely an absurd concept but if you were being told that at the time of selling then nothing can be the best solution other than claiming back your premiums right away.
  • PPI cover can be taken from anybody and thus there is no compulsion of taking the same from your credit card or loan provider only. But if you were unaware of this fact during PPI selling then you can take back your premiums for hiding the actual truth.
  • It is very much possible that when you purchased the policy you were unemployed but now that you are employed you might not feel the need of continuing your PPI as a result of which you can surely choose claim back procedure as the best resolution.
  • If your repayments are already under any cover but still you were forced to taking PPI in addition then it would be fair enough claiming back premiums immediately.

There are some critical medical conditions that might snatch your working capability in the future. If you were suffering from any of these conditions during your policy taking then now you can call for a claim back PPI. If you are incapable of working then no income will be generated and if no income is generated, then you will automatically not be able to pay off premiums continuously.


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